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Allsorts drama

What people say

A few nice words that have been said about us.

"Dear Sasha,

I just wanted to share how much fun it was watching the performances last Tuesday.

Holly has done such a great job.

Oskar was very excited about the reading and certainly was showing off some his new confidence for speaking up

Many Thanks"
Runa (Lamda Showing June 2017)

"Thank you so much for all the wonderful drama lessons at Miss Daisy's Nursery.

Miss Avra is incredible at taking the children on magical journeys each week and the children absolutely love it!

Even the most shy child cannot resist being transported onto all the wonderful adventures she takes them on and this has worked wonders for their self-confidence.

For 30 minutes they are able to express themselves in all sorts of ways, play different characters and let their imaginations run wild - they love it and so do we!"

"Hello Sasha, I would like to thank you for getting Genevieve and Lucas Gray started on LAMDA this year.

This is the first exam I have ever seen Gen skipping with joy at sitting. Its so great to see her so happy. Lucas equally has come on leaps and bounds. He was struggling with his confidence at the start of this year.

He started this academic Year Two feeling really self conscious about how he spoke. I have noticed the LAMDA lessons have taught him to have a proud voice and to be heard. He is a completely different child when he reads his poem.

Thank goodness the LAMDA sessions began!"
A happy mum
"Hi there!

Yes the party was wonderful! Caroline and her assistant really captivated their full attention and everyone had a ball! Thank you very much for all of your guidance!"


"Melissa, I just wanted to let you know that Maddy was made Mallard House Captain on Friday, on the basis of a speech that she had to make in front of the whole house in the main hall.

She told me that it was her LAMDA lessons that had really helped her, because before LAMDA there is no way on earth that she would have been able to stand up in front of an audience and speak, never mind speak loudly and confidently.

The feedback from Miss Scamman was that she spoke really well and they couldn't believe that she had done it....

Thank you so much - it is really proof of how much LAMDA can do! See you soon."
Sarah. xx
"All the children loved the party, particularly Lucy, and none of us could quite believe what they managed to achieve in just an hour and a half.

The performance was great and there were lots of proud parents!"
Julia Banks
"The Lamda sessions at school have honestly been Sahara’s most favourite moments in her school life so far.

She has developed a real passion for this type of expression and hopes to continue in her new school in September."
Bryony Heard
"Daisy adores the classes so much I can’t tell you."
Rachel Englender – Parent
"Helena said her party was the most wonderful day of her life, can’t do better than that, eh?"
Ayesha Vardag
"Sasha, the show yesterday was marvelous, everyone was wonderful.

Thank you so much for organising such a fantastic course."
Ruth – mother of Eva, Summer Workshop
"St Nicholas School has been delighted to have an association with allsorts drama that goes back over 10 years. The children develop dramatic skills and talents through improvisation and workshops which help build confidence and make new friends. Our children have enjoyed the fun and professional approach that the teachers have brought to this vital part of their development. Many thanks and long may it continue!”
David Wilson, Headmaster of St Nicholas Prep School
"The party was WONDERFUL!!! What a huge success!! Thank you very much and Caroline was amazing! Thanks again"
Michelle Berkeland – Parent
"For your reference, I have an older son, Alex, who was in Reception and has been attending the Wednesday classes. He has really been enjoying them…very happy and enthusiastically telling me about what goes on…especially the one earlier in the year with the planets…he’s actually developed such an interest in them! Needless to say, I’ve signed him on for the Autumn classes! Nick (his younger brother) has been so inspired by Alex that he would like to join the club too."
Lyn Ho – Parent
"Teaching for allsorts is a rewarding and enriching experience. As a teacher, allsorts offers you the opportunity and freedom to truly engage with each student’s individual creative abilities or spirit. We encourage students to grow through supporting their own creative initiative. This nurtures a student’s self confidence and self expression. Equal attention and importance is given to the process and it’s product.”
Tammy Gordon – allsorts teacher
"I enjoy working for allsorts drama as the material given opens up a world of wonders for the children to explore. No two lessons are the same as we encourage the children to use their imaginations and create characters with guidance from the teachers and inventive story lines provided. It is a joy to see the children’s confidence grow and imagination flourish throughout the term.”
Caroline Bragg – allsorts teacher
"Hi Melissa, Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed your production on Friday. Kids were great!
Well done! "
Dorees, Tatyana's mum

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