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Allsorts drama

Ages 7 - 11

allsorts drama courses for 7-11 year olds are designed so that the children are able to explore many areas of development.

Each term is structured so the children learn a new skill. They will enjoy devising their own plays, script writing and character development.

We encourage the children’s own creative growth by allowing them the chance to share their own ideas and perform them in small groups. We create original plays with the children personalizing the material for each group.

These plays are established through fun improvisation, then scripted and performed.

    The main areas of development include:

  • Improvisation
  • charaterisation
  • mask work
  • role-play
  • mime
  • vocal work
  • Theatre games

Term Dates: 21st/22nd September - 7th/8th December
(half term - 26th/27th October & 2ndt/3rd November)

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