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Allsorts drama

Ages 4 - 6

allsorts drama Aged 4 - 6 courses for younger children take them on many exciting adventures, where they can explore the wonderful world of drama.

The children delight in different themes, delve into the dressing up boxes and use colourful stage make up to transform themselves into their favourite characters.

All of our themes are derived from our own material, designed to stimulate the imagination and help to create happy, confident children. 

We create interesting and varied classes for the children, ensuring a stimulating and enjoyable time. Each term ends with an open session for parents to view the work that has been covered.

Past Themes

The Land of Dancing Diamonds

By exploring this magical land, then being sent on a quest around the world the children will explore the wonderful world of their imaginations.

Allsorts Town for Toys

Enter our very own Toy Town. Explore characterization by becoming one of our unique toys, learn the skills of role play and improvisation as the children act out many exciting stories.

Bunny Burrows

The children will enjoy becoming some of our appealing and popular characters cleverly designed to encourage role-play and character development.

Other themes include:

The Sea Queens Treasure, The Magic of Colour Flying, Funky Fruit Fairies and Pixie Island Boys.

Term Dates: 21st/22nd September - 7th/8th December
(half term - 26th/27th October & 2ndt/3rd November)

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