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Allsorts drama

Why Allsorts

We offer original and individual drama – a “boutique” experience aimed at shaping well-balanced, creative, imaginative children.

We are NOT a chain or a franchise offering regimented classes. We are NOT a stage school. (We have had our share of success stories, but that is not what we are about.)

Giving you our experience in teaching

After more than 15 years experience in the business, and understanding what makes children learn, we have developed our own successful system of teaching drama and imagination.

With the younger ones, we help them learn to play, to invent and to be free. The classes turn into magical adventures they help create.

We encourage your children to think creatively

The older children are encouraged to come up with ideas, develop their own plays and explore their talents. For teenagers, we offer the chance to be creative, make new friends and expand social skills in a safe, fun environment.

From the enchantment of childhood to the excitement of teenage life, our classes help young people discover a world of fun.

(And, if the truth were told, we really enjoy it too.)

Sasha and Melissa

"I like drama because it's brilliant fun!"
Maddy, aged 8
"I love having rides on the space rocket"
Isabella, aged 5
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